NameCheap Black Friday Deal | Get 98% Off on Hosting and Domain

NameCheap Black Friday Deal:- You can Get 98% off on Hosting and Domain Service.

Namecheap is the most famous Hosting company which provides cheap hosting and Domain service. Durning Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale NameCheap provide us 98% Off on Hosting, Domain, and their other services like Business Mail etc.

NameCheap is an independent ICANN-accredited domain name registrar founded in 2000. In addition to domain registration, they offer 98% off on their hosting and domain plans in Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal.

If you are planning to create a blog or website this year, this is probably the BEST time to buy NameCheap amazing discount with our coupon code
Buy Namecheap hosting or Domain Service. 

NameCheap Black Friday Deal | Get 98% Off on Hosting and Domain

NameCheap Black Friday Deal

Let's Check Features Of NameCheap Hosting and Domain Service. And know why you need Namecheap Hosting with Pro and Cons.

NameCheap Hosting Uptime – 99.86%

I’m using Namecheap hosting since last 12 month. Namecheap websites have an amazing uptime of 99.86%. That means even for a split second, your site won’t go down (Like my site) or give your troubles while browsing your information or products.

NameCheap Hosting Uptime 99.86% which is Great and Better than other Hosting providers like Bluehost and Siteground etc. 

Free Domain Name with NameCheap Hosting Packages

Yes, Namecheap comes with a free Domain name with any Hosting purchase.

About NameCheap Hosting:

NameCheap is an independent domain registrar founded back in 2000, with the web hosting option coming online in 2007.

NameCheap's website showcases a few different types of web hosting, including, shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting. A variety of packages for a company so new to the hosting game.

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pro and Cons Of NameCheap Hosting

  1. Experience: having extra help drastically improves your overall journey as a webmaster. Having an expert by your side will guarantee a smooth experience.
  2. Simple Set-Up: support is always essential when assembling your website. Managed hosting offers extra support, making queries easier and faster to be answered.
  3. Security: managed WordPress hosting features extremely useful security tips and tools, utilizable upon any security breaches, alternatively prevention.
  4. Maintenance: managed hosting often offers server-side programs and applications to assist with site maintenance.
  5. Optimization: while minimal at the start, optimization is a vital scalability factor for growing websites.

  • Namecheap Server Response time slower [Few MS (milliseconds)] then other hosting Providers like Siteground.
  • CDN service is not included in NameCheap Hosting packages. You need to do manually connect CDN.
  • NameCheap provides Twice a Week Backup option only Stellar Business plan comes with 6 x Daily + Weekly Backups.

Get 98% Off On NameCheap Hosting and Domain Name Service

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